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C / Lull 48, 1-1

Every month 

© 2019 - GrowthTribe is a venture. For questions or enquires contact Björn b (at sign) or Johannes 

Monday, 25. March 2019 
GrowthTribe Meetup  

The 1st Monthly Personal Growth Event in Barcelona
Set the Right Goals, Reach Them Faster, and
Achieve More Than You Ever Thought Possible

Barcelona @
C/ Llull 48, 1-1 (Lightbox)
Next Event: Monday 25.03 2019
 19.00 - 21.30. Every Month

GrowthTribe has been split into two individual monthly events: 
1. GrowthTime Workshop: Me-Time For Focus & Deep Work with new growth Tools. Open to all. 25.03.2019

2. MasterMind Talks: We-Time. For Business Owners and Executives. Application only. Date & time on request.


Make 2019 Great Again

Two Events: Workshop or Mastermind
Two Powerful Events For Change 

Empowering Exercises + Support
Every Month



Lean & apply proven personal growth Frameworks and Tools to structure your thoughts and take the right action faster.

5+ Powerful Exercises
Access to previous material

Deep Work
Focus Time

Give yourself the important quiet + quality time to be able to think, reflect and plan in an undisturbed, safe environment.

90+ Min Undistracted Concentration + Thinking

Mastermind + Sounding Board 

Get new input and perspectives from the group acting as a Sounding Board + Challengers.

Mastermind Sessions on Business, Career, Money, Life, Relations and Health 

Networking + Accountability 

Meet like-minded, successful individuals and entrepreneurs. Find and join a Mastermind or Accountability Group 

2h+ Networking Time
20 - 40 "Quality People"


22% of this year is over already...

Yes, it's crazy that the first quarter is almost over already. You might ask yourself some of these questions:

- Which of your goals did you achieve?
- What are the next steps of your Masterplan? Where did you succeed, where did you derail and get distracted in the last 3 months?
- What changes of habits, people, tools, motivation, focus and discipline do you need to put in place to get back on track and move forward your goals? - What do you need to start, stop, continue to further accelerate
- What holds you back and distracts/distracted you?
- How do I get my peak performance and motivation back to make this amazing sunny spring time count and awesome? Don't let your big dreams, goals and slip away! Staying focused on what matters most for us is like showering they say, we need to do it regularly.

That's why GrowthTribe is not a one off event but a monthly gathering helping you to stay focused on your goals and constantly refresh and growth in all areas that are important to you. Dedicate two short but powerful undisturbed powerhours to make your Masterplan come true this coming Monday 25th GrowthTribe (19.00 - 21.00) to design your action plan and get back on track to make the next 3 month count and be proud of.

As always, we will introduce new valuable growth exercises and you'll have 90 minutes for deep work and focus time for your own masterplan.

See you on Monday

Björn and Johannes


Event Details - March 25th (Last tickets)

The next GrowthTribe Event will take place this Monday 25.03.2019 - 19 - 21.00/30


For everybody that wants to set time aside for personal growth.

- New Personal Development Growth Exercises Every Month
- Deep Work and Focus Time to Work on Your Goals
- Accountability Groups (Self Organised)
- Networking

When & Where
Monday 25.3.2019, 19.00 - 21.30
C/Llull 48, 1-1 Lightbox Studios

18.40 - 18.59 Arrival
19.00 - 19.30 Introduction of new tools, exercises
19.30 - 21.00 Deep Work Time (Me-Time) to work on the tool or make progress on other things that matter to you
21.00 - 21.30 Networking (optional)

- Earphones (so you can get into undistracted focus mode)
- Two more people you care about that could benefit from this

Reserve one of the last tickets (5 EUR - only to filter out freeloaders and symbolic "investment in yourself")

Visit for all info and tickets (limited to 20 people)

Link to join this Whatsapp Group for future announcement and tools. Feel free to share this message.

Mastermind Groups

Get unstuck and create new perspectives and options. A mastermind is a small group of 3 - 5 people who during 25 minutes, have the goal to provide maximum value to one volunteer (on the "hot seat").  All interactions aim to help the volunteer to get new ideas and honest feedback around their selected question brought to the table.

This is a very powerful format replicating think tank, sounding board and devils advocate principles to strengthen early ideas.

Contact us through the Whatsapp Group if you run your own business and want more information about application process and next dates

About GrowthTribe

The idea behind it and how it started. Growing & Giving.

People tend to go to Church every weekend to have some spiritual input and guidance. Nobody does that anymore. Churches are empty as we became much more individualistic. While this Sunday ritual has fallen away and became unpopular we do appreciate the idea of a regular habit dedicated to personal growth allowing individuals in a non-spiritual or non-guru way to logically think and take time for themselves and stop in a world that is fastening up. GrowthChurch wants to establish and offer a regular environment and format that suites a more more adequate modern, more individualistically driven world.

That’s why we started GrowthChurch as an experiment. GrowthChurch - is a non-spiritual, absolutely-nothing-to-do-with-religion, structured meetup and format that enables deep work, critical thinking and meaningful conversations that can drasticaly accelerate your progress in Business and Life. No Tony Robbins. No Chanting. This is not Texas. Just quality me-time + we-time mixed with social accountability and mastermind support to focus on what matters and get things done. We charge because we believe we want to attract and bring the kind of people together that value this spirit and want to investing time in these things.


Volunteer Organisers

GrowthTribes is an open monthly format and infrastructure that supports you by providing a space, place and time to work on what matters most to you. The event is organised and facilitated by experienced mentors but what you use the focus-time for depends on you.  

Be present


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